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Established Companies

Asre Enteghal Dadeh-ha Company (AsreTelecom)

Asre Telecom Company was established in 1382 by Asre Danesh Afzar Company, to set up a data transmission network in the country by using DSL technology and other technologies of transmission, and benefits the financial and administrative and Background activities of the Asre Danesh Afzar Company as the parent company.

High-speed data service in the context of ADSL (copper wire) with quality and reasonable price is considered in Asre Telecom Company. In this regard, access to the interior content is important, The Company’s subscriber receive the content of sites connected to the Asre Telecom network (the Internet), half-price and fast.

Now the company is a member of the consortium that has been awarded the FCP license.

Helma Gostar Khavarmiyaneh Company

Company activities include the purchase and sale of electronic equipment and telecommunication systems. The company has the FCP license from the CRA and radio communications and also is a member of the consortium received MVNO licenses (mobile virtual network operator) from the CRA and radio communications.

The company is looking to transform and change the business model of large organizations, placed below complementary mega projects on the agendum.

  1. HoneySpot (Public Wi-Fi)

    Free access to valuable services in place

  2. Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

    Create special mobile phone SIM card for groups or certain categories of clients, Such as schoolchildren, students, foreign tourists and different ethnicities with different languages and provide the required services and content.

  3. Mobile Payment (Mobile Payment)

    With this service, Payment for goods or services in person (the store location) or not in person (Internet or phone) is possible in both cases, client import second password of own bank card on mobile phone. This new definition of the payment can provide secure payments at any time and any place.

    With this service, business owner, in addition to pay goods costs or services costs, will have the possibility of granting discount coupon to the client or declared seasonal sales.

  4. Mobile Loyalty

    In this mega project surplus value services toward Loyalty and close communication between service providers and clients or products is offered such as applications related to the domain of interest, offering discount coupons, sending message to the recipients of services and so on

It should be mentioned that large business clients with an account are able to use the services of the aforementioned 4 mega projects and their access to desired content of organization, online and permanent regardless of time and location will be established.

Also large organizations by participating in the mega projects actually has a virtual banking proprietary platform and will be mobile virtual network with its own brand.